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Single Acting Pneumatic Actuator

The conventional “single Acting Pneumatic Actuator” cannot be operated without a spring. But ‘Chemtech' has broken all the conventional process with the invention of New single Acting Pneumatic Actuator which does not have spring. Normally, the axial and lateral movements of spring get failed after some cycle of operation, resulting the slowing down the open/close operation, resulting the slowing down the open/close operation speed. Chemtech's Revolutionary Actuator provides everlasting function without any effect on speed of open/close operation.

Satellite Actuator for Under Water functions:

Chemtech team is developing “Satellite Actuator” for underwater functions. This Actuator can be operated from anywhere in the world. The Actuator can be operated Valve installed on pipeline under water can be operated from the control room which is far away from the site. According to Indian News Agencies, India is going to launch a special satellite in 2012, which will provide this service. In the modern technology, this is the ‘Most Needed' Actuator, which simplifies the functions of under water ‘Actuator Operator Valve'. ‘Chemtech Team' is already initiated with ‘Dream Project' and will be surely succeeded in future.

Rapid Action Valve

The name defines the actual credentials of the valve. Chemtech is developing the world's speediest valve ever for DRDL. The particularity of this valve is it's cycling time which is less than 16millisec. At Chemtech the revolutionary developments are going on.

Double Port Gate Valve

Generally, the flow rate is higher in the large size Gate Valve. More the velocity of fluid due to differential pressures higher the chances of erosion of orifice area. To prevent this erosion ‘Chemtech' has developed a ‘Double Port Gate Valve', in which, the Line Pressure is reduced before the main gate is opened. When the line pressure gets lowered, the erosion of seating area is also reduced to substantial extent. Thus, the life of valve is increased to its maximum extent.

Multi-stage Control Valves

Chemtech's Multi-stage Control Valves can be customer engineered with as many as 10 stages of pressure reduction for application with extreme pressure drops upto 540 Kg / cm2. High trim velocity can intensify cavitations damage inside the control valves. This is common in many single stage valves. Axial flow of the Chemtech valves the radial design, throttle and control the pressure drop at the out let of the inner most stage across the plug sealing portion.



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