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A GOGGLE valve is designed to isolate several components of FCC and Expander Units. Applications for this type of valve are Expander Outlet Line, iron & steel industries, petrochemical & refining industries, energy industry & environment protection, equipment of the glass industry. A goggle valve is an isolation valve suitable for installation in any orientation - horizontal, vertical or inclined. Goggle valve we can provide casing & encase type.

CHEMTECH's goggle valve actuating process can be summarized as follows:

• The hydraulic power unit - controlled by a local push button or by a remote control system - provides the energy to allow the retracting action of a set of cylinders connected in parallel and acting on the valve retaining ring. Hydraulic Units are available with Manual or fully Automatic Control.

• A retracting action, provided by the parallel of hydraulic cylinders, unclamps the disc and allows its movement to close or to open the valve. Limit switches are installed to detect the complete disconnection between disc and retaining rings and give a permissive for the valve operation.

• The motor operation applies a rotation to a bevel gear that applies a rotation to a kinematic chain. This system allows the internal gears to rotate.

• The disc slides from a position to another (from valve opened to closed or from valve closed to opened) thanks to rack/pinion movement. Motor rotation is automatically stopped by a go switch signal, to indicate the total stroke.

• Actuation of the cylinder pistons firmly clamps the disc in reached position and sealing rings on the clamped disc portion and on the telescopic protective tube prevent any leakage for a perfect seal.

This Design Guarantees:

• Wear free traverse of the plate through the valve body as the plate rings are retracted to provide a positive clearance.

• Valve tightness provided by axial pressure of the movable body sealing seat onto the movable plate ring (closed disc or open ring)

• and consequently onto the fixed body sealing seat, with the flexible springs providing a self-aligning feature.

• Especially Suitable for Extreme Operating Conditions, Such as:

• No jamming of valve plates not even under extreme operating conditions.

• Man-safe shut-off in accordance with safety regulations.

• Shut-off of clean and dust-laden gaseous media.

• High operating temperatures in insulated or cooled design.

• Temperature fluctuations.

• Short closing and opening time

• Nominal diameters up to 4000 mm (160 inch)

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