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Outcome of Board Meeting - 30.05.2014

Outcome of AGM held on 30.09.2015

Outcome of Board Meeting AGM - 31.03.2015

Outcome of Board Meeting - 31.03.2015

BSE Notice of Board Meeting-30.05.2015

Outcome of Board Meeting- 30.05.2015

BM Notice for AGM -01.09.2015

Outcome of AGM Meeting- 30.09.2015

BSE Notice for Board Meeting 14.11.2015

Revised Outcome of the Board Meeting - 02.09.2016

BM Notice for AGM 02.09.2016

BSE Notice for Board Meeting 14.11.2016

BSE Notice of Board Meeting-05.05.2017

Outcome of Board Meeting- 05.05.2017

Outcome of Board Meeting- 09.05.2017

Board Meeting 30.05.2017

BSE Notice of Board Meeting-01.07.2017

Outcome of Board Meeting- 01.07.2017

Outcome of Board Meeting- 07.09.2017

BSE Notice of Board Meeting-30.10.2017

BSE Notice of Board Meeting-14.11.2017

Outcome of Board Meeting- 14.11.2017

Outcome of Board Meeting- 13.02.2018

BSE Notice of Board Meeting-21.03.2018

Outcome of Board Meeting- 21.03.2018

BSE Notice of Board Meeting-30.05.2018

Outcome of Board Meeting- 30.05.2018

BSE Notice for Board Meeting 14.08.2018

Outcome of Board Meeting- 14.08.2018

BSE Notice for Board Meeting 14.11.2018

BSE Notice for Board Meeting - 29.01.2019

Notice of Board Meeting - 22.04.2019

Outcome of Board Meeting - 31.04.2019

BSE Notice for Board Meeting - 20.05.2019

BSE Notice for Rescheduling Board Meeting - 21.05.2019

Notice of AGM - 20.09.2019

Notice of Board Meeting - 14.10.2019

BSE LTD Outcome of Board Meeting - 22.10.2019

Notice of Board Meeting - 05.11.2019

Outcome of Board Meeting - 13.11.2019

Intimation_of_Resignation - 29.11.2019

Intimation of Appt of Chairman and CFO - 29.11.2019

Outcome of Board Meeting - 07-12-2019

Resignation of Directors - 27.01.2020

Intimation of Appointment of Independent Director - 22.01.2020

Intimation Board Meeting - 04.02.2020

Intimation of Board Meeting - 28.07.2020

Notice of Annual General Meeting - 29.09.2020

Intimation of Board Meeting - 12.11.2020

Intimation of Board Meeting - 05.02.2021

Covering Intimation to BSE of Board Meeting - 20.05.2021

Intimation of BM to BSE

Intimation of BM-09.02.2022

Appointment of Company Secretary and Compliance Officer

Notice of Board Meeting to be held on 19/05/2022

BM Intimation to be held on 11.08.22

BM Intimation to be held on 14.11.22

BM Intimation to be held on 09.02.23

BM Intimation to be held on 05.05.23

BM Intimation to be held on 10.08.2023

Outcome of Board Meeting- 10.08.2023

Outcome of Board Meeting 23.08.2023

Intimation of BM- 03.11.2023

Reschedulement of BM- 09.11.2023

BSE Notice for Board Meeting_15.01.2024

Outcome of Board Meeting_15.01.2024

Intimation of BM_08.02.2024

Outcome of Board Meeting_08.02.2024.

Revised Outcome of BM_08.02.2024

Outcome of BM_20.02.2024

Intimation of BM_24.05.2024

Outcome of the BM_24.05.2024

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Notice Financials

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